What would a happy planet look like? A world where countries use environmental resources efficiently to enable their population to live long, happy lives right now and in the future.

Worryingly, the results show that we are still not living on a happy planet. No country is able to score successfully across the three goals of high life expectancy for all, high experienced wellbeing for all and living within environmental limits.

Most often, long, happy lives come at the expense of our environment. Wealthy, western nations with high-incomes tend to score highly on life expectancy and wellbeing, but do not score highly on the Happy Planet Index because of the environmental costs of how their economy runs.  

But the success of Latin American countries demonstrates that it is possible to build a strong economy that delivers high wellbeing, and long life expectancy, without having a large ecological footprint. There is still a way to go before any country will be environmentally sustainable. 

Take a look at how countries are doing – what is working well, and what needs to change to achieve what matters most.